Feb 03 2008

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Current Researches:

2011-present: Understanding Stereotype in IT based Communication among Swedish and Indonesian (with Adrianson, L.)

2010-present: Cross Cultural Study on Envious (with Adrianson, L. and Ancok, D.)

Previous Researches:

2010: Behavior Therapy to Reduce Psychological Stress of Client with High Blood Pressure

2010-present: Paperless Office Usage at Faculty of Psychology

2009: Exploring dialogues among participants working with face to face and computer mediated communication (with Adrianson, L.)

2009-present: Positive Affect Negative Affect Scale: A Cross Cultural Study among Indonesian and Swedish (with Adrianson, L., Ancok, D., and Tontowi, H.B.)

2009-present: Universality of the Big Five Personality Traits

2008: Psychological Factors & Email Use

2007: Advance Help for Mentoring Autistic Disorder:Development of Computer Based Educational Media “AHMAD” for Children with Autism (with B.N. Prastowo and S.S. Kusumawardani. Dalam Prosiding Seminar Antar Kluster LPPM UGM 2009

2007-present: Cyber Psychology: Behavioral Model of ICT Usage (disertasi doktor psikologi)

2007-2008 : Mengenali Pola Emosi Anak-anak Autistik (with Retty Thiomina)

2006: Psychological Status of Earthquacke-Tsunami Survivors at Banda Aceh & Meulaboh

2005: Computer Based Success Skills Training for University Students
2005: Survey on Customer Satisfaction, in collaboration with Electronics Engineering Department GMU and PT PLN Central Java-Yogyakarta Distribution Area
2004: Pengembangan Karir Pribadi untuk Meningkatkan Daya Saing Lulusan Perguruan Tinggi(with Avin Fadilla Helmi)
2004-2006: Psychological Skills Training for Indonesian Police Officers, in collaboration with Ford Foundation. Disampaikan pada Kongres HIMPSI-2007 di Bali.
2003-2005: Personal Career Development Program for University Student
1998-1999: Exploring Children Dialogues while Working with Computer
1996-1997: Help Seeking Behavior in Sexual Reproduction Problem on Adolescence, Supported by Ford Foundation
1995-1996: Risk Perception on Construction Workers in Yogyakarta, Supported by Toyota Foundation
1993-1994: the Social Skills Training effectively for increasing social skills on shy socially isolated students

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