Oct 04 2008

‘SugarLoaf’: Saturday picnic.

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It was Saturday October, 4th 2008 when we went to Sugarloaf mountain. Fourteen students of UMass (include myself and Wawan’s wife) and one nicest little girl Fina had a picnic at this mountain. Some of us came from Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Tailand, and Kambodja.

It is a nice place to have gathering and playing the game. Some of you may have heard nothing about this place. Sugarloaf montain is located at Deerfield, Massachusetts 15 minutes drive from UMass, Amherst. Nadiha and Wawan drove their cars while rest of us went by bus to Sunderland from Studio Art Building Bus Stop.

Why do they call Sugarloaf? The name sugarloaf refers to the loaf-like shape that sugar was once molded into for shipment. The names Sugarloaf Mountain and Mount Sugarloaf are both used to describe this mountain.This is beautiful place, a mountain where we can see Conecticut river, bridge, and nice panorama from the top of the hill. What a beautiful pictures with off course nice face you can see here.  We did not want to miss the opportunity to make as much as photographs we can.

As usual we all had a potluck, where every body who join this gathering brought food with them. There are nasi liwet (rice cooked with salam leaf), sambal goreng (spice potato), sayur lodeh (vegetable cooked in the coconut milk), pasta, Kambodja spring rools, various of fruits, drinks, snacks and many more. All delicious foods especially when we had them with nice people around.

After having a rest and taking some pictures, we started having fun games. I am quite sure   that you all agree with me if the gathering will become very boring without any fun games played. Ahaaa.. but anyway, I have ideas to deliver fun games with minimum tools. A day before, I went to Hampshire Mall with Ratna to buy shoelaces and balloon. As a game master, I am quite confidence to do this.  I thought, I could deliver at least three games are baloon train, most infinitive circle, and tali bundet. Some games can be played without any tools are birthday line, sing a song, and seven bomb. Last but not least, when I knew that Mal (Malaysian guy) have his sarong with him I added one more game is Saroong Hoop.

That was really fantastic fun games. Moreover, with Wati proposed game to play Move water from one container to another with only using own spoon. You can see the pictures of all of them when they played.

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